The Toolbox

that lets you become your own Asset Manager with ease.

The companion of ETF investors who want to build and grow their ETF portfolio with self-directed data-driven investment decisions.


A dashboard with deep metrics and comparability down to the enterprise level to support your strategy.


Recognize trends and use them to your advantage to potentially increase total return.


Broadly diversified assets enhanced with individual strategic investments in promising areas.

Awakens curiosity

Constantly improve your personal investment strategy for long term success.

Combine different assets

By combining investments with different degrees of diversification, you can add personal strategic decisions in your portfolio. Highly diversified core ETFs, ETNs and ETCs provide stability and lower diversified investments add strategic depth.

broadly diversified Assets

Highly diversified core investments with relatively low volatility to the lowest expanses possible.

All World All Types >400 assets per ETF%

Medium diversified Assets

Strategic Investments that target specific sectors, countries or markets with high demand.

Focused Specific Types <400 assets per ETF

Low diversified Assets

Topic and trend investments provide opportunities for high returns from market greed.

New Topics Trends <50 assets per ETF

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Build a solid core

Start by building a solid core with highly diversified ETFs. Select from proven examples or build your own concept with our core tools. Important for long-term success are costs and tracking error.

  • Find ETFs with the highest diversification

  • Compare the real costs, not only TER

  • Weight individually down to company level

  • Track the companies behind your portfolio

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Overweight smartly

Growth comes from a constant increase in demand. Therefore, some sectors, countries or markets in your personal area of competence can be overweight to give your portfolio strategic depth.

  • Search for suitable sectors, countries and markets

  • Filter and sort the best assets for your decision

  • Compare two ETF fundamentals and all holdings

  • Get daily personalized recommendations

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Exploit with care

Markets are not always efficient. Fear and greed drive them significantly. Make the right decisions and choose suitable short-term investments.

  • Explore the newest released topic ETFs

  • Find assets with high short-term inflow

  • Find Stocks that win exposure in ETFs

  • Search ETFs with specific company holdings

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Constantly improve

Our Toolbox gives you access to tools for all elements of your personal ETF strategy. Combine your selected assets into a personal portfolio or start with known best practices.

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