A Toolbox


We develop a platform for self-directed data-driven ETF investment decision making. A constant companion of ETF investors, who want to build and grow their portfolio with established investment strategies and personal preferences. All without expensive products from traditional banks.

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Our mission

We want to give you the ability to easily build, track, and optimize your personal ETF Portfolio data-driven and for a lifetime. All with low costs and the mentality to continuously optimize and challenge your own strategy.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that we are 100% independent of banks and other financial institutions, that like to sell their products with high commissions. We help you to build your personal portfolio strategy with cost-efficient products like:

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Our Vision

We want to create the best financial toolbox for people who get things done. With our subscription you take control of your own finances forever and keep them optimized continuously.

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Constantly improve

Our Toolbox gives you access to tools for all elements of your personal ETF strategy. Combine your selected assets into a personal portfolio or start with known best practices.

Start building your ownStrategy

We help you to build your own portfolio at low costs. Independent and easy - with valuable tips and a genius dashboard for tracking. You can optimize every aspect of your strategy and measure it. Afterwards, you constantly track your investments and adapt if necessary. We are your toolkit.