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Do your own research before investing

The content from our service is intended to be used and must be used for information and education purposes only. It is very important, that you do your own analysis before making any investment decisions. Based on your own personal situation, you need to adapt your financial investment strategy. You should always seek independent financial advice from a professional advisor or independent research to verify all informations, that you find on our website or service. If you want to rely on any of the information we collect, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or something else, you should verify it before.

We dont give Investment Advice

Our Website is a financial data aggregator and analyzer. We are not an investment advisor and dont have access to non-public information about publicly traded companies. ETF Insight is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. We are an educational toolbox for gaining, analysing and learning related to ETFs and Stocks investments and strategies. We do not provide personalised recommendations for financial investments, because We dont know your personal financial needs. The content of our website does not constitute or should not be construed as a recommendation to purchase securities or products presented on our website.

We are just your idea provider

ETF Insgiht is your toolbox for research, but we can not give you a full overview about the market. The Toolbox should be used in combination with further own research. The provided data sets are no recommendation. We can help to find products by pre-defined criteria, but this but that does not replace an independent research with your individual criteria for investing in mind. We divide the investments into different risk categories. However, this does not mean that these investments are risk-free. Equities and ETFs are not and will not be risk-free and should not be underestimated. The predefined risk categories are an indicator from our side, based on global assumptions that we have applied to the entire market. across the entire market. You should not use them without your own judgment.

Our content is automaticly gathered

Most of the content on our service is gathered automatically from third party data providers or the companies, which offer the presented products. For us, it's impossible to effectively monitor every data change in the system. So wrong or corrupt data is possible. We thus act as a kind of information broker for products from suppliers, which we select, monitor, update, evaluate and make available on our website. You should therefore always verify data-based knowledge with other sources.

We assume no liability

According to the previous information: We are not a financial advisor, dealer or broker and shall not be liable in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any damages, costs or losses of any kind incurred by you as a result of this information or any reliance you place on this information. All agreements between you and third parties are at your own risk.

Investment Warnings

  • The value of Stocks, Bonds and ETFs and the income derived from them can go up and down.
  • Bad investment decisions can lead to a loss of the amount invested.
  • Past performance is not an indicator for future performance.