Official ETF EASE Roadmap

Involving customers in influencing our product roadmap is a core belief of us – We think, that is the best way to build a product which customers crave. All Alpha & Beta tester have the ability to vote for features and open new feature requests.

Release Roadmap

Done - 12. December 2021
Open pre-registration for Alpha & Beta access

We would like to give you the opportunity to stay informed without actively following us. At the start there will be 1000 seats. All pre-registered people will be notified at the same time. Thus, it is fair. 👋

Free Pre-Registration open
In Progress
Finalize Alpha release and open registration

We are working under high pressure to be able to provide you with the first tools for your own Core-Satellite strategy within the Alpha. There is a lot to do to make this work without problems. 🦾

Development  Alpha
Implement Dashboard to plan and track your Core-Satellite strategy.

To keep an overview and always be informed about the individual investments. In this step, we would like to provide a detailed dashboard with which each area of your core satellite strategy is not only tracked but also challenged against each other. 🖥️

Dashboard  Tracking
Requirements Engineering
Implementation of more satellite investment tools.

Satellite investments account for a significantly smaller share of the overall portfolio, but can increase the average annual return. That difference can the significant in the long run. Therefore, in this step we will provide more tools for selecting the right assets. 🛠️

Research  Strategy
ETF Analyzer to strategically identify AAA Stocks within ETFs

By analyzing ETF holdings and history, stocks can be discovered that make sense for overweighting. However, this process also helps to identify sectors, countries or industries that outperform the market over the long term. Individual investments do not have to be made, but can be made with a small percentage value. 🔭

Exploration  Stocks  Trends